Emma Nicholls Hired as an Architectural Designer Draftsperson

Emma Nicholls

Gienapp Architects is proud to announce that Emma Nicholls has joined the firm as an Architectural Designer Draftsperson. Emma is responsible for 3D models, renderings and drawing sets from the preliminary design phase through construction documents.

Emma received her Master’s degree in Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology and is a member of the Boston Society for Architecture’s Global Design Initiative for Refugee Children. She lives in Stratham, New Hampshire.

“I really enjoy being part of the architecture/building industry. Each day brings an opportunity to learn something new whether it’s a different construction method or rendering software technique. I’m very happy to be on the Gienapp Architects team where I’ll continue to grow while contributing to the expansion of the firm,” said Emma.

“We have been excited about Emma joining Gienapp Architects since her first interview. She had a very unique thesis project addressing social issues and we were impressed on how clearly it was presented both graphically and verbally. She has been an excellent addition to our project teams,” said Gienapp Architects Principal, Dale Gienapp, AIA.