Begin here

Every project at Gienapp Architects starts with a dedicated team acclimating to the project. This includes not only a comprehensive understanding of the physical aspects, such as site and building conditions, but also the clients’ goals (schedule, size, function, aesthetics). This provides the team with a comprehensive understanding of the project criteria that forms the foundation for effective design solutions.


After acclimating to the project, Gienapp Architects provides the client with conceptual level illustrations of multiple design options. This helps refine project assumptions and goals and establishes the overall design approach of the project.


In this phase, we develop the selected design concept into architectural drawings. We define dimensions, finalize layout, address code requirements, select materials and work with engineers on the integration of mechanical systems. We continually refer back to the budget, schedule, goals and vision to make sure we provide effective solutions that are practical and workable.



As drawings are developed and a final design is approved, we develop a set of documents for obtaining building permits and for use in construction of the project. Many clients rely on Gienapp Architects to manage the entire bidding process. We typically provide construction administration services to conduct site visits, answer questions from the construction team, administer design revisions as needed, ensure that the integrity of the design is maintained throughout construction, monitor the project budget and schedules and review vendor invoices.

Finish Well

As a final step, we conduct a thorough walkthrough of the project to review all construction and confirm the execution of the design is complete. We assist the owner with obtaining project closeout documents, such as warranties and owner’s manuals.