Our 2023 Year In Review: Highlights of Our Projects

2023 has been an exciting year for Gienapp Architects, and we’ve had a number of notable achievements. Throughout the year, we successfully executed a diverse array of projects that not only highlighted our creativity, innovation, and expertise in the realm of architecture, but also presented unique challenges that fueled our growth.

North Shore Community College Lynn Labs

Gienapp Architects served as the architect for the North Shore Community College Lynn Labs renovation project, which included a significant modernization of the science lab facilities at the college’s Lynn campus. The extensive renovations and space reconfigurations have transformed the labs into state-of-the-art learning spaces, enabling students to engage in hands-on learning experiences. By incorporating modern technologies, collaborative learning spaces, and energy-efficient design, the college has created a dynamic learning environment that promotes student success and prepares them for the rapidly evolving scientific landscape.

Folsom Residential Apartments – The Ponds

The Folsom Residential Apartments – The Ponds is a construction project located in Merrimack, New Hampshire. This development marks the completion of the first of three planned apartment buildings on this site, with the other two currently in construction. The project is a collaboration for a repeat client with whom we have previously worked on compact and efficient single-family residences at Blanchard Pointe. This project also utilized our 3D scanning capabilities, using Matterport to document the location of electrical conduit, plumbing piping, and other features that will be hidden once the project is complete, a scan that will provide the Owner with vital information if they ever elect to renovate or track down a problem.

City of Amesbury Building Assessment

Caption: City of Amesbury Report

To assist the City of Amesbury in future planning, we performed a walkthrough of their buildings in the downtown area to assess their viability for future City use and developed a number of options to help them decide on the future of the downtown complex/campus, as well as to reach consensus on a number of planning options. This report comprehensively assesses the City-owned buildings, specifically focusing on the Fire Department, Police Department, City Hall, and Library. The primary objective of the assessment was to provide the city with valuable insights into the current conditions of these facilities, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their future master planning needs.


Glen Magna Statue Restoration — Danvers Historical Society

Caption: Glen Magna Statues – Milkmaid and Reaper

The Glen Magna Statue Restoration Project was an exciting and unique experience for us. Undertaken by the Danvers Historical Society, the restoration was a significant endeavor to preserve and restore two iconic statues once perched atop the building. The statues, known as the Milkmaid and the Reaper, had deteriorated significantly after years of exposure to harsh Massachusetts weather conditions.

The Danvers Historical Society initiated a comprehensive restoration plan with Gienapp Architects, aiming to maintain the integrity of the historic artifacts and restore the building’s interior to preserve its historical charm and architectural significance. This restoration project involved removing the current statues (which were themselves reproductions of 18th-century originals), and replacing them with more durable replicas made of resin. In addition, we also restored parts of the building’s interior, including repairing and preserving the floors, walls, and other significant architectural elements.

Norwood Civic Center Emergency Repairs


Norwood Civic Center

The Norwood Civic Center building’s masonry façade had suffered critical damage from water infiltration, leading to unstable masonry and eroded mortar.  Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Gienapp Architects stepped in to evaluate the building conditions and develop essential repairs to tackle the underlying issues, aiming to mitigate water infiltration problems and restore the facade’s structural integrity.

Amory House Envelope Repairs

In 2023, Gienapp was part of a project at The Amory House, a condo building located in Brookline’s vibrant Coolidge Corner. The project involved envelope repairs to the occupied condo building, including the removal of a portion of the brick facade, waterproofing the underlying structure, and seamlessly replacing the exterior. To ensure a smooth execution, the project required a great deal of coordination, especially regarding condo access,  and the careful management of schedules.

Northeast ARC Cupola

Northeast Arc is an organization that helps people with disabilities become full participants in the communities north of Boston, while also providing support to their families. Located in Peabody, the organization’s inclusive art center, ArcWorks, had a badly deteriorated, aging cupola. To improve its overall durability and aesthetic, Gienapp restored the cupola and conducted significant repairs, enhancing the building’s exterior to meet the requirements of the local historical board and to match the incredible art inside.

Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School Gallant Hall Addition

In response to a growing enrollment, Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School engaged Gienapp Architects to develop an effective and problem-solving design for a potential expansion to one of the school’s buildings. The goal of this potential addition project would be to provide much needed program space, as well as provide a greater number of core spaces, so students in specific programs would not need to cross the road that cuts through campus between classes.

We have also done other work at the school both in 2023 and earlier. As part of our previous work with the school, we conducted a conditions assessment and we designed improvements to their former gymnasium.

Technology Manufacturing Firm’s Breakroom

Gienapp was tasked with improving the employee breakroom at one of the buildings of a leading scientific manufacturing firm. This remodel provided their team with a designated breakroom space devoted to providing an uplifting environment for employees and creating a space for collaboration and socialization, enhancing the overall company culture.

Hyannis Dockside Condos

Gienapp Architects developed the design for a proposed condominium complex in Hyannis, the Hyannis Dockside Condos, situated near the marina. Embracing the coastal New England vernacular style, the design takes advantage of the views of the harbor while stepping down the massing to respond to the neighborhood scales. The evolution of this design has been dynamic and ongoing, responding to both the client’s and the town’s particular needs and requirements.

Salisbury Carousel Building

Gienapp proudly designed the building housing the reimagined Broadway Flying Horses Carousel at Salisbury Beach, a treasured landmark in North Shore Massachusetts. We developed the project’s conceptual design and incorporated the use of a Great Country Timber Frames structure that supports the 1909 menagerie carousel.

Amesbury Gould Building

We proposed interior renovations for a currently unused former mill building in downtown Amesbury. The building, which has only been used for storage for the surrounding properties, contained former offices in the front and old storage or warehouse space in the back. Due to the location, we explored different uses for the building including, but not limited to, small retail space, event space, and restaurant/bar space.