Transforming Site Assessments: How Gienapp Architects Utilizes Matterport Technology

An architectural designer draftsperson on the Gienapp Architects team using a Matterport scanner inside a building being renovated.

Introduction to Matterport Technology in Architecture

In the ever-evolving field of architectural design, staying ahead of technological advancements is not just an advantage: it’s a necessity. Among the myriad of tools revolutionizing this space, Matterport’s technology emerges as a game-changer, especially for forward-thinking firms like Gienapp Architects. Matterport’s 3D scanning capabilities enable our architects to create immersive, virtual tours of physical spaces, offering a comprehensive 360-degree view that enhances understanding and planning.

An engineer on the Gienapp Architects team using a Matterport scanner outside of a building.

GA Senior Project Engineer Paul Mucci using Matterport on a project site.

The Gienapp Architects’ Experience with Matterport

At Gienapp Architects, the integration of Matterport technology has been transformative. “With Matterport, our partners can walk through the space without ever having to physically visit the site,” says Morgan Sawyer, Architectural Designer Draftsperson at Gienapp. “This not only saves valuable time but also eliminates the need to send out multiple people for days of on-site measuring. The technology allows us to map out entire buildings from the comfort of our desks, with astonishing accuracy down to an 8th of an inch.” Dale Gienapp, Founder of Gienapp Architects, highlights the pivotal moment the team decided to invest in Matterport. “We decided to invest in Matterport after we were sent a scan from a site. This saved us a trip to the site and provided an in-depth view that went beyond what we could have seen in one visit.” The ability to virtually explore a space before physically visiting it has proven to be an incredible asset for the firm.

Benefits of Matterport for Clients

The impact of Matterport extends beyond time and resource savings; it translates into tangible benefits for our clients as well. Morgan emphasizes the financial advantages, stating, “Not only does this save us time, but it saves our clients time and money, getting them to their end goal faster and more affordably.” The reduction in project timelines directly contributes to cost savings for clients, a crucial factor in today’s competitive architectural landscape.

Case Study Highlight: Blanchard Pointe Apartments 

A recent project with Blanchard Pointe Apartments underscores Matterport’s value. By conducting scans before and after drywall installation, Gienapp Architects provided the client with a detailed view of what lay beneath the surface and the finished spaces. In reflecting on this project, Gienapp Architectural Designer Draftsperson Samantha Kelley notes that “Matterport helped us deliver more than just a single scan to the client. Each detailed scan ensures our client has a precise understanding of their space at every construction phase, which is super valuable.” This dual-phase application of Matterport technology not only ensured accuracy in documentation but also enhanced the client’s comprehension and satisfaction with the project’s progression.

Aerial Matterport scan of Blanchard Pointe Apartments, mid-progress.

Aerial Matterport scan of Blanchard Pointe Apartments, mid-progress.

The Future of Architectural Design with Matterport at Gienapp

Matterport has become an invaluable asset for Gienapp Architects, revolutionizing our approach to architectural design and client service. By saving time, reducing project timelines, and providing comprehensive views of project spaces, Matterport technology underscores Gienapp’s commitment to innovation and excellence. As the architectural landscape continues to evolve, Gienapp Architects remains at the forefront, ready to leverage technology like Matterport to benefit clients and projects alike. For those looking to embark on their next architectural venture, Gienapp Architects invites you to explore the future together, where your vision is enhanced by our technological expertise.